If only BtVS had been an HBO show.
The Buffy and Spike scenes alone….

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reminder that i am accepting money 100% of the time

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I need to be thinner and prettier and nicer and less depressed because I suck

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My theory for the last episode of Buffy is that she truly meant it when she said I love you.

In episode 19 of season 6 before Spike tries to rape her describes love as being something that burns. In the last episode when he was about to die they lock hands and they catch on fire. She then tells him she loves him.

Also in season 7 episode 4, the girl that can sense premonitions tells Spike that “some day she’ll tell you”. She’s referring to Buffy telling him that she loves him.

There’s also a lot of other little things that indicate she’s cared about him since season 6.

But that’s my conclusion. :)

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when you are in a hurry and someone wont let the conversation end


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Guys, I’m really emotionally involved with a show and I’m dreading the ending because I’m not sure what I’ll do afterwards or how I’ll forget this mini world that I was a part of.

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What I love about it is it’s called Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which begs you not to take it seriously. The name of the show was like this guard door that says, ‘Only the cool people shall pass. Only those who appreciate irony will get past the title of this show.’ If you think literally you will not tune in to something called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s a defiant, in-your-face title. We are a genre show with a title designed to put people off.
― James Marsters (x)
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